AP Statistics is essentially the same course as college-level Introductory Statistics. Content is taught over 28 weeks, and 6 weeks is reserved for AP Exam Prep. , but taught over 30 weeks vs. 18, allowing for more time to understand the material in real life context. Students taking the AP Exam in May may obtain college credit. Contact julie@livingmath.net if interested. 

Fall Schedule:  TBD. Held in the Allied Gardens/Grantville area of San Diego.

  • Pre-requisite: Algebra 2 (advanced algebra) skills 
  • Minimum 6 students, maximum 12. 
  • Tuition $350 per semester
  • Materials: Understandable Statistics, Brase and Brase 6th Ed, Student Solutions Manual, and AP Statistics: 5 Steps to a 5 Prep book (cost is approx. $50 for all materials). A TI-83/84 series graphing calculator is required for this course.
  • Please see Class Overview for general information on class structure, instructor, etc. 

Interest list:

  1. Alyssa K.
  2. Hannlei

Ilyas possible