Living Math History Cycle 1 Unit 2 Book Lists

Alexandrians (Late Classical) through the Renaissance

This is the list of books recommended for use in the Living Math History Plans. The core books used over a number of lessons are listed first, followed by books used less frequently. Accessibility to books based on funds and/or library resources will affect how many of these resources you may decide to use.

The Primary plans rely more heavily on picture books
while the more advanced plans can rely on more text-based material. As such, the book lists for advanced levels are shorter. Additionally, some resources are out of print and more difficult to obtain, so multiple book suggestions are provided for certain topics, from which you would choose one.

You are welcome to simply use the book lists for yourself without purchasing lesson plans. All I ask is that if you do purchase books, please use the links imbedded here giving this website credit for the recommendation.

 Used for ALL levelsPrimary and IntermediateAdvanced and HS Levels

Also: an appropriate atlas
for the level of your child/student
Readaloud younger
or read alone:
Advanced Readers in Intermed thru HS

(Birth of Mathematics is HS+ level)
ONE or more of the following history spines:

Younger spines left, or for more mature readers:
Advanced - some Intermed readers can enjoy

Add Number Devil as a Readaloud
if you wish for more reading.

Intermed Reading scheduled
from core readers.

(Hypatia of Alexandria and
Manual of Greek Mathematics is college level)

Most readings come from core books,
but there is very good suggested
reading in Realm of Measure
Cycle 1 Quarter 3 Book Lists