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Heather from the LivingMathForum, in response to a comparison of Shiller and Math on the Level:

I use Shiller and I just returned MOTL. Each have their strengths.

Shiller's strength is the manipulatives. They are excellent. My daughter loves to use them. They are well done, easy to use, and effective. I have used manipulatives from other products and found them lacking in effectiveness. A good manipulative helps a student see and understand the mathematical concept. Shiller's weakness is that it bounces around from subject to subject. This bothers a lot of people and makes it a bit more work to track what the student has mastered and what they need to review. 

MOTL's strength is the scheduling and flexibility. It gives lots of guidance in what topics to teach and in what order without forcing a student into a topic they are not yet ready for. The 'five-a-days' are great. The weakness is that it's a guide rather than a program. If you want worksheets, manipulatives, more guidance etc - you have to buy it. 

I have been using Shiller about a year. I planned to add MOTL to help with the scheduling, for the five-a-days etc. Sometimes I get worried with Shiller that I am not reviewing enough. I'm using this with my youngest who has some learning issues that seem to be mostly in math. (not related to Shiller). But ultimately I decided to return MOTL because I realized I couldn't afford both. I had to either return MOTL or sell Shiller. When it came down to that choice, I chose Shiller because it's more self-contained. It's weaknesses can be compensated for with a bit more organization and work from me. MOTL would definitely require additional financial outlay and I realized I'd want to keep the Shiller manipulatives. So I made the decision to stick with Shiller. Both are excellent programs.

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