Math Programs

Math Resource Reviews and Surveys

Please be patient if you are looking for information, these pages are being completed on my mommy time as well as others.

Just some background on what this effort is about. Over the past 2 years I've had it repeatedly suggested to me that I accumulate feedback from numerous sources on curricula. I don't emphasize curricula on this site, and there are so many reviews out there, but I have been asked to do this so many times it seemed to make sense. Questions repeatedly come up such as, what resource is good for auditory learners, or what has worked well as a supplement to a living book approach, etc. I want to include programs that people oriented toward living math methods can recommend for various needs. The focus is on programs that have been beneficial either as a primary program with living math supplemented, or vice versa. This is not intended to be a place for reviews on all available curricula.

Even radical unschoolers use curricula if they find it serves a purpose at a given time in a child's learning journey. So curriculum can be a valuable tool, regardless of your homeschooling philosophy or method.

If you have feedback to contribute on any of these programs, please feel free to go to that page and submit comments.

I hope the surveys will provide information regarding how many families use the programs and some qualitative feedback that can be provided quickly without having to write up comments.